Feat. Judah & THe Lion

You make dreams come true
You make dreams come true

I’m a wounded shell
I’m a restless hurry 
I get a few things right but still I find myself in trouble 
I’m a loaded gun
I’m a full blown worry 
I’m a reckless soldier trying to crawl out of the rubble 
It’s hard to see the light from under it 
But all these failures got me wondering

That’s why I throw my bones in the rhythm
Sink my teeth in a good time
Whole lot more than a feeling 
I could lose 
That’s why I brace myself every minute 
Trying to hold on tight for a good ride 
Fools like us are only here to prove 
You make dreams come true 

I’m a small town voice 
I’m a winding story 
I fought my way onto the stage to make a living
And I fell down hard 
But the falling saved me 
I’m only half the man I was when I was twenty 
And it wasn’t what we chalked it to be 
When we were kids in Carolina and Tennessee

Oh to my surprise 
The broken things in life 
Were mistakes that I could use 
The gift was giving in 
After all I did 
It’s still the life that I would choose