I see your body dancing
Feel the magic on the floor
They try to say we lost you
But they never kept score

You never had a last time
You couldn't outshine
You gave us everything
And now your memory's mine
We carry you around
Don't have to miss you anymore

You never give in
You know who you are
You are the everknown
You shine on
You shimmer
We'll follow you on
To wherever you go
You live life
You're living
Your currency moves from every inch of your bones
You never give in
You are the everknown

In the golden hour sunset
And the space between the shores
And the satellite pictures from the world that you explored

You never met a darkness you couldn't outshine
You left us everything but still you're leaving us more
We're walking down the roads that you walked down before


You're more than just a photograph
Fluorescent in my mind we're still together
I feel you when I'm looking back
You're mine forever
Your spirit is all over me
Your smile is with me while I'm dreaming
I miss you but I know it means you're mine