Wasting Time

Feat. Old Dominion

Feels like I’m already running
Can’t move any faster than I am
Sunrise and the phone starts ringing
But I’m shutting down, I’m turning off, I’m moving on from everything I can

How many hallelujahs will it take for you get in line
When will you ever learn from your mistakes boy you gotta try
Deadlines and progress 
Just being honest 
You can do what you want with your time
I don’t wanna waste mine
No, I don’t wanna waste mine

Day’s long but I need it to be longer
They say gotta keep your head down
This hard work don't make me any stronger
So I’m easing up, I’m letting go 
I gotta keep this heart from burning out


Take your time
Your sweet time
Take your time
Cause I don’t wanna waste mine